Pirate Party styling + DIY

Hey there blog readers! Today I have a fun post for you. If you  know me and have read my blog before you know that I’m big on my kids birthdays. I love to go all out and really try to make it special for them. Here is a ton of photos for you on how I created a fun backyard pirate party for my boys. It was such a fun time and the kids loved exploring the yard. 
This post is all about the photos, but please if you have a question on how something was created or what recipe I used on my cake just ask in the comments. I figure you all want to see the photos more than anything. 

Such a fun time with fun treats and lunch. I really went all out on the decor and the desserts. Each  kid got a sweet loot filled goodie bag, pirate hat, patch and sword. All on a strict budget. I made it all so that saves me tons. 
Thanks for stopping by!