My fashion FRIDAY story, Life Is…

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It’s that time of the month. Cents of Style is hosting the Life series again with amazing stories from bloggers all over the country. I chose the Life Is…Tough, but so are you T. First off I love this color for Fall and the saying really hits to home. Check it out.

Here is my story:

I grew up in a single parent home. Watching my mom work so hard day and night really taught me that women are powerful and smart. I’ve been married for 13 years and in those 13 years we’ve had our fair share of financial troubles, tough times and craziness. We have never second guessed that we could get through any of those things without one another. Life is truly tough and even more after three kids, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When I got laid off from my job designing custom homes I thought I would never find something I loved more. I had an 18 month old baby, husband who was working so hard to keep us afloat and was failing to find a new job that would work with our schedules and could cover child care costs. I finally decided to go back to school, but also started my own business. It has sense evolved from and invitation/stationary business to photography and design. After receiving my masters in education I job hunted again. I figured I had found something I loved once again and could do my personal business on the to get ourselves out of the financial hole we had dug deep. Well another year of no luck and I had to make a big change. Baby #3 was on it’s way and so I dove into my photography fully. Tough at first, but I reminded myself that with my family and self assurance I could do it.

Life is tough, but so am I!!!! I love my job so much, and have truly found the clients I love working with. Everyone should own this shirt! You can get your own over on the site HERE. The code is LIFEIS1 and it will make our NEW Life Is Tees $15.95, with FREE SHIPPING!

Wednesday was an extremely rough day for a lot of families who new an amazing friend and mom in our neighborhood. I wore this shirt to remind me and anyone who saw it we are tough. My nails just so happened to match.

Here are even MORE choices. Click the photo to get your own. So I’d love to hear which is your favorite?

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