Fashion Friday Story with Cents of Style

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Welcome to April’s Fashion Friday Story with Cents of Style. I truly love these days of the month. Cents of Style is a company that is rooted in faith and love. They really come with some inspiring items and the shop is always fresh. My most favorite is definitely the T-shirt line. You can get the Be Series Tees through 4/30 for just $15.95 HERE! As a mom I’ve learned that my style is to keep it simple, but add a little more when needed. Their T-shirt line is no exception. New Spring colors are out and ready to wear with cute shorts and colorful sandals. Check out a couple below. Feel free to click on the photo to add to your cart.

I want to tell you my story and why I chose the “be brave” T-Shirt.I’m also wearing the “The Struggle is apart of the story“.

“This year is a crazy one and it’s only the beginning. I’ve taken my photography business to the next level by opening my own studio here. The kids are in constant activities and I’m pretty much a taxi service being pulled in all directions. My husband started his own business as well which will be awesome. He’s a super talented Landscape designer. Later this Summer I will finally be having some pretty major surgery that I’ve been putting off for about 5 years. Spring is finally showing it’s face here in Illinois so it’s time to get busy and be a brave businesswomen. Lots of Bravery is needed this year. We want to really show our kids that when you want something you go out and get it. Be brave and work hard. I’m concentrating on being  a better mom, wife and friend by putting myself out there more and being more outgoing. These Tees are the perfect little reminders in your wardrobe to “be” something. So many choices for you.”

How fun right? Be sure to check out the Cents of Style Instagram account HERE to read a few other stories. I’ve linked all the Tees I own and that are available now just for you below!

be brave

be true

life is tough, but so are you

normal is boring

neon yellow pineapple

beautiful mess

*I have many more that aren’t available right now*

Shirts I still want

First Coffee

i am so tired

life is an adventure

be uncommon

dream big hustle harder

Now go shop, get inspired and feel good!



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