It’s a boy!

Today I’m hosting the Tombow monthly challenge and it’s a baby theme. I share the idea of creating three simple items to bring your baby shower theme all together. I wanted to share with you all the step by step of creating the cake and how simple it really is to make something so custom and so special for a friend. When I my long time friend Beth’s mom contacted me about helping with the shower I didn’t hesitate to {Read More}

DIY party styling

I got to help plan and host a fun and colorful baby shower for my little sister a couple months ago. It was so incredible fun and I truly got my craft on while making everything. I’m not going to go into super duper detail about each piece, but please if you have a question on something leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.  Let’s take a look!  I created menu type cards for each table whether {Read More}

Pirate Party styling + DIY

Hey there blog readers! Today I have a fun post for you. If you  know me and have read my blog before you know that I’m big on my kids birthdays. I love to go all out and really try to make it special for them. Here is a ton of photos for you on how I created a fun backyard pirate party for my boys. It was such a fun time and the kids loved exploring the yard.  This {Read More}

May Arts favorites and Design Team app

I can’t believe it’s been another year with the May Arts Design team. I always love going back and looking at my projects. Today I’m sharing with you a few of my favorites and hoping that they’re awesome enough to keep me on the team for another year. I seriously do love me some ribbon. I love the texture it adds to my various projects and the colors are all to die for. May Arts is truly the best at {Read More}

Pirate goodie bag DIY

Today it was time to get a little dirty and play around with the SRM stenciling material. It cut easy, adhered perfectly to stay in place and vwa la! I used it to create some awesome pirate party goody bags for my boys upcoming birthday party. It was very easy and so fast you’ll never believe it. I tried it on both the burlap bags and the muslin bags. I like the burlap a little better for the party, but {Read More}

What’s a ragamuffin banner?

The best thing you’ll ever make in an hour! That’s what it is! I kid you not i thought the banner I made last week was the best but this one is a tie or first honestly. It’s party planning season for me and that means lots of DIY décor. This time I created a fun ragamuffin banner using pirate colors and pieces. I love that striped ribbon and how the gold popped on this. I kept mine pretty uniform {Read More}

Get Crafty party planning

After the holidays I always jump right into party planning. Annastasia is a January baby so I get to plan Christmas along with birthday. This year I did what I know best, CRAFTING and art.   I just want to run through my planning tips, décor pieces, styling ideas and projects with you. It’s a long post, but seriously fun. I created everything myself and that is what makes it more economical for me. If you aren’t as crafty or just {Read More}

Camping weekend Part II- Food

So you can’t go camping with out having some kind of plan for food. Well I hunted on my Pinterest boards and searched the web for some things that looked easy and yummy. I pulled one recipe from my repertoire as well. Here goes!! First up there was birthday party foods galore. We went with the traditional hot dog roast and s’mores, but also had the following: Cake (Fail)Fire Logs (Chocolate covered pretzels)S’Mores pops (Marshmallows with chocolate and crushed grahams)Campers {Read More}

A camping we will go… Part I

and a celebrating we will do! This past weekend was our big Birthday camping weekend. It was a lot to prepare for and plan, but ended up being so fun. It was my family, my sister in-law and two of her kids, my in-laws/brother in-law in their RV and my mom and niece. There was yummy food eaten thank to Pinterest and lots of party things going on. There are lots of photos and explanations so hang in there with {Read More}

Party crafts

Today I want to share with you the party craft I came up with for A’s party this weekend. I wanted to keep with the tea party theme, but also think of a craft that would be quick and easy. I always disliked parties that gave out “cheapy” favors or did crafts that A would toss out anyways. Nothing against those people or planners. I just felt bad tossing them and would hold on to them but A didn’t even {Read More}