Blitsy’s Golden Scissors Blog Hop & sneak peeks!

Blitsy Golden scissors blog hop

Hey crafters! Welcome to the Blitsy Golden Scissors Blog Hop! Each blog in this hop is giving away a pair of Golden Scissors, which means you have 14 chances to win! You definitely want a pair of the Golden Scissors because then you’ll be entered into the grand prize drawing for $1000 to spend at Blitsy or a year’s worth of craft supplies! You should have gotten to me from Laurel’s blog- Paper Craft by Laurel. If you need to start back at the beginning just click HERE to head over to the Blitsy blog.  

I get to share some sneak peeks with you so I’ve chosen my most favorite items that will be on sale and linked them all for you to add to your cart. Please remember that carts are timed so add you items from the hop items and check out quickly. I’ve linked a bunch for you so happy shopping and crafting! Every team member is sharing different items so be sure to stop by everyone’s blog to check out the AMAZING deals! 

Websters Color Crush LAUNCHING THANKSGIVING as an early Black Friday deal, including new styles. Color Crush Lavender Stripe Planner Kit at $16.50 (reg MSRP $34.99)


Marion Smith Planners & Accessories running Cyber Monday (call out Heart of Gold 2ND EDITION A5 Planner in Aquamarine for $25.99 (reg MSRP $59.99)

This planner in Aquamarine is stunning! Don’t miss it on Monday.

Honorable Mention Sales that readers should keep an eye out for
Friday: Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens, Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planners & Accessories

My favorite planner pens for sure. With five schedules to juggle in my house these erasable pens are the best. 
Saturday: Lots more but check the other blogs to find out! I can’t tell all the secrets. 
Sunday: MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planners & Accessories running on Sunday. Mention the Best Day Box Kit will be $16.50 (Reg MSRP $34.99)

Such a great deal. I was on the MAMBI design team when this product launched and want to share a couple of spreads I created for them using this planner. I also LOVE the large weekly calendar for getting my family organized. Check out my spreads below.

back to school-6 back to school-8 back to school-10 Weekly planner spread Weekly planner spread-2 Weekly planner spread-3

Monday: Tombow Dual Brush Pens & Markers and Desk Stand. 

Of course this is one of my most favorite products. I’m a Tombow Design team member and love these markers so much. Check out some of my projects using these below.


Halloween sugar skull-2 Halloween sugar skull-5
Blitsy Golden Scissors blog hop

Now it’s time to see more and enter for more chances to win in the Blitsy Golden Scissors!

The next stop will be Stephanie Chan over at The Silly Pearl. Just leave a comment on each Blog for your entries. Tell me which of the sneak peek product you think you need. I’m pretty sure I need them all! Commenting/entries open until 7pm CST on Thanksgiving.  Thanks so much for stopping by the Blitsy Golden Scissors blog hop. Have fun at the other blogs!



  1. Jenny Pratt says:

    So excited for this latest Blitsy event! I am meeting so many awesome people! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂 Those planners are super rad, but I never keep up with them once I start them! 🙁

  2. Rhonda Strickland says:

    Thank you so much for choosing me for the golden scissors. I am so excited!!! 💕💕😃😃

  3. Melody sutphin says:

    Marion Smith planners seen nice

  4. cindy vernon says:

    I love all the planner stuff.

  5. All All All! But yeah I would definately want the Tombow Dual Brush Pens & Markers and Desk Stand.:)

  6. Renea Davis says:

    I LOVE these planners and enable pens oh my. I love being organized!!! Hope to win scissors. Love your blog.

  7. Laura Slingerland Casey says:

    To bow…awesome and aquamarine, well my birthstone color !!!!

  8. Denise Bryant says:

    Tombow markers… yeah!

  9. Vicki Williams says:

    Love them all, especially the markers!

  10. Sarah Erwin says:

    Beautiful work!! I’m gonna’have to throw some Tombow markers into my cart!!

  11. Linda K. Smith says:

    I will try this again! The Frixion pens sound interesting, and, you can never go wrong with Tombow pens!

  12. Linda K. Smith says:

    The Frixion pens sound cool, plus, you cannot go wrong with Tombow pens!!

  13. Mara Berti Henning says:

    Time to stock up with some great deals!

  14. Beautiful things. Liked them all

  15. Thank you for inviting us for a visit! The Frixion Pen looks interesting!

  16. janet lech says:

    Those tomboy markers are going to be in my shopping cart!

  17. I’m pretty sure I need them all too!!! :o)

  18. Melody sutphin says:

    Love the planners!

  19. Andrea McNemar-Caudill says:

    Loved your Mambi 365…thinking I should make the plunge but am a little intimidated…

  20. Lisa Martens says:

    I would love to pick up to pick up the color 5 crush planner. Amazing products.

  21. Shari Albrecht says:

    I like Tomboy products so I’m sure these would be great to use.

  22. Debbie Ramey says:

    ” Im so excited, I can’t wait for the sale, :)”

  23. Tombow Dual Brush Pens & Markers and Desk Stand.

  24. Angie white says:

    I would love one of the planners… Just to look at and carry around because I wouldn’t want to write in it and ruin it! Lol

  25. I’m addicted to my Happy Planner! So any chance I have to stock up on goodies is a go!

  26. Maryann Meadows says:

    Sooooo want a color crush A5 planner!!

  27. Heather Thompson says:

    Tons of goodies, love how organized you are. I wish. Happy turkey day.

  28. April Peter says:

    I love the MAMBI products! I plan with a Happy Planner so anything MAMBI is great!

  29. I love the happy planner and the Frixion pens! The cards are gorgeous too! Ahhh, I love everything!!!! I am such a crafter fanatic that everything catches my eye! Lol! 😉

  30. Jaime Sunshine says:

    Blitsy is really killing me! LOL I’d love any of the planners, kits, Tombow markers, pretty much any & all Blitsy products. However, the Only thing that I really really want is a Gorgeous pair of Golden Scissors. Their beauty just screams “I Need You!” Not only would I use them on all of my crafts, but I would hang them up on my craft wall. Now that would truly brighten my days! Oh pretty please Blitsy with a cherry on top? Fingers & toes crossed. I can’t tell you just how much “I NEED” these! Thanks for all the updates & giveaways.

  31. I love love love that weekly calendar!

  32. Sharise Coray says:

    So many planner deals! I’ll be up all night!

  33. I know someone who would love a planner! So much good stuff to look at!

  34. Debbie Ebat says:

    love the tombows…

  35. Ma. Cristina Merino Frias says:

    As a Mexican I love sugar skull, it’s a great work.
    Love the Golden Scissors!!

  36. Corina Finley says:

    I love finding out of new product that I add to my wishlist! That would be the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens! Was not even on my radar and now they on top of the list. Kids school planners, to do lists, my ever changing schedule and when I see all the “messy-ness” of writing over writing and items scratched out, it creates the feeling of life being hectic!

  37. A couple of my friends have been talking about these planners… I may have to join the bandwagon. And erasable pens?! Yes, please!

  38. So many excellent deals! I am excited for the MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planners!

  39. Cindy Matthews says:

    Those erasable pens look great – might have to spring for those – but the Tombow brush pens have my vote for sure!

  40. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    Your cards are beautiful. As for what items I need….. I want one of everything…LOL but I think I will be picking up items to color with. Like the Ken Oliver’s Color Burst. Happy Thanksgiving.

  41. im so excited about the blitsy sale, thanks so much for the sneak picks i love it! cya at the pj party

  42. Helen Markee says:

    can’t wait till the sale starts!!

  43. I’m not a big planner person BUT the large family planner would totally come in handy! I will need to look into that. This hop to let us know what is going on sale is so awesome!

  44. Love that planner and such a gorgeous poinsettia

  45. Amazing! I can’t wait to pick up some more planner supplies!

  46. Barbara Carlson says:

    love those Frixon pens!

  47. Ruth Aubertine says:

    Looks like I may be getting a Planner!!! Love it!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  48. Lovin’ the Weekly Planner!

  49. I love what you did with the Happy Planner – inspiring!!!

  50. Mary Lou Smelgus says:

    Wow, I wasn’t even aware that Tombow had pens. Your cards look great.

  51. Your planner is amazing! I have been waiting to try the erasable pens and now that i see how much you like them, I’m going to get a set.

  52. I have been thinking about getting those erasable pens and after seeing how much you like them, I’m going to try them out.

  53. Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens – Checked google for it exactly was and OMG I so totally want this! So useful! Why did i not know already.. lol..

  54. TracyM #6773 says:

    WOW – your coloring is AMAZING Latrice!!!
    => Tombow Dual Brush Pens & Markers are definitely on my wish list!!!
    I’m already a huge fan of Simple Stories for scrapping & cardmaking, so I expect their planners would be pretty awesome, will check out the other brands too, it sounds like a good time for me to document & plan more 🙂
    THANK YOU for the chance to win a PRECIOUS pair of GLORIOUS Golden Scissors!!!

  55. Liz Lumsden says:

    Boy, now you have me lusting after Marion Smith Planner in aquamarine!!!! Your projects are lovely. I would LOVE a full set of Tombow markers too!

  56. Suzanne Kriesant says:

    The tombow markers look sweet – and I’m looking for a new set of markers (my last set is drying out as I type…) and golden scissors would be lovely… Just saying… Have a lovely thanksgiving…

  57. Your planners are awesome, but the prices are amazing! On my list is the Tombow pens on Monday? Gotta check those out!

  58. Not into planners but will share about them with my friends that are. Love markers will have to check out the Tom Bow markers. Thanks for the information on them.

  59. I have been looking for a large weekly planner where there is room enough to post scheduled activities. That MAMBI calendar looks perfect! You and your design team colleagues did a great job on the wall calendar and the planner. Looks like Blitsy has them priced well this weekend.

  60. The possibility of a pair of golden scissors since every pair of scissors I currently have seems to be broken or dull is awesome.

    I love planners and would love some MAMBI accessories.

  61. Great pricing on Marion Smith planners! Can’t wait!,

  62. Linda Chidster says:

    Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planners & Accessories would be AWESOME!!
    WINNING a pair of Golden Scissors would be Off the Chart – INCREDIBLE !!
    T H A N K S for the Chances to ((( WIN )))

  63. Maureen Martinez says:

    Love your Happy Planner weekly layouts and your Calendar sheet spread. Don’t you just love those? Really looking forward to seeing the Websters Color Crush planner. Thanks for that heads up! 🙂

  64. Linda Storey says:

    Have never seen the Frixion Pens, wow. Beautiful cards.

  65. Tomboy markers lok interesting.

  66. Oh gosh.. Think I need to empty my wallet ans spend my savings on this sale. I have seen so many fabulous items on sale so far. And you mention the Tombow markers… Cant resist these,.
    Thank you for the fabulous examples of your art you shared. I adore what you made. And the depth you a hieved in the Pointsetta is awesome. Very pretty.
    Thank you again. Looking forward to join the Pajama party..
    Hugs from Monica… Spain

  67. Never used a planner but now might be the time to try one out.

  68. Marianne Vakiener says:

    I’m a big Blitsy fan. It’s hard to say which products I’ll want the most!

  69. Regina Furman says:

    I’m keeping my eyes open for the Tombow markers! I love them!

  70. Love a good planner!

  71. Rubina Pantoja says:

    I can’t for the MAMBI items!

  72. Patricia B says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a pair of golden scissors. The one thing I would love to get is the Tombow Brush pens!

  73. I love the tombows cant wait to add some more

  74. I love my tombow markers they are the best would love to add to them

  75. Janet Schmitz says:

    Love, Love, Love your cards!!! Also soooooo enjoy following Marion Smith and what she does! I definitely will be following you too!!! ;D

  76. Love your cards. Beautiful! I’m really not a planner person but I heard an idea that they would be perfect for. Writing different things throughout the day that you want to remember. So now I think I need one.

  77. Peggy Koenig says:

    Comics, comics, copies!

  78. I need more Tombow markers.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  79. Those planners are the bomb!!!!

  80. Oh I do believe I need more Tom Bow markers….I’m a few *cough* shy of completing my set….and a new planner….yes please! ♥

  81. Maureen Reiss says:

    Loving your bright cards!!! I think I need those Tombow markers!!

  82. Mei Yu SINNO says:

    Love your cards, especially the “season’s greetings” cards. Were they colored with Tombow brush pens?

  83. I totally am in need of a good planner and I have had my eye one this one for awhile so I’m super excited for this deal! Due to health issues I can’t work so money is limited but at these prices I’m going to finally get some of my wants off my wish list! Yes!

  84. Love the Color Crush Lavender Stripe Planner Kit! Heart of Gold 2ND EDITION A5 Planner in Aquamarine (my birthstone).

  85. Your Tombow projects are “remarkable!”… thanks for the sneak peeks!

  86. Heart of Gold 2ND EDITION A5 Planner in Aquamarine…which is my birthstone!

  87. Love your cards! Looking forward to the Tombow sale 🙂

  88. Renee Zimmerman says:

    Tombow Brush Markers look great to buy! – Can’t wait for the sales!

  89. HI,these are a great favorite of mine: “Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens”! THANK YOU!

  90. I really want the brush markers! Heads up Santa!

  91. Linda Cartwright says:

    I really love those markers!

  92. Jacqulyn Munns says:

    I want to be this organized. Maybe the markers will do the trick.

  93. Nadia Crafter says:

    I haven’t gotten into the planner craze yet, but I do love stickers and those markers look so vibrant…I have been wanting some markers.

  94. The poinsettia card is awesome!! I will definitely be looking out for the Tombow dual tip markers and pens!!
    Moxie Craftie

  95. I’d like to try the Tombow pens!

  96. Amy Cooley says:

    Great items! The erasable markers sound interesting!

  97. Ericka Strange says:

    Love your projects. Thanks so much for sharing. I too have a long list which also include the Tombow Dual Brush Pens/

  98. Such a sale–this is super great news!

  99. I love your projects. I will be getting some Tombow markers. But I also need planner supplies and planners for gifts. Thank you!

  100. Angela Shelton says:

    I love the poinsettia card. Beautiful!

  101. I am excited about the Tombow markers as I have not used them in awhile!

  102. Your cards are beautiful!! Love those colors. I really really want to get some Tombow dual brush markers. I want to practice hand lettering with them, and well, you know.. just play with them, too.. hehe ♥

  103. Susan Slomski says:

    I’m not much of a planner person but the Tombow markers I could really use and Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens because I need erasable pens for sure. Thanks.

  104. Mary Holshouser says:

    I keep seeing planners on the blogs. They look like lots of fun. I don’t know if I have enough activities to fill one up but it would be fun to try.
    I have the Tombow dual-brush pens and love them. It might be time to do some replacing of my set or give one as a gift to my daughter.
    Also saw an erasable pen that I need to check out.
    thanks for sharing. Friday is going to be so busy.

  105. Would love to get the Tombow markers. Your projects are awesome!

  106. Michelle Usadel says:

    I will be anxiously awaiting Monday and the sale on Tombow Dual Brush Pens & Markers. I might have to pick up the desk stand too – only thing better than new colors is new organized colors 🙂

  107. I need those Tombow duel brush markers! Love your sneak peek. Thanks Latrice!

  108. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Hi Latrice! Thank you for being a part of the Hop. Love your creations. Oh my! That sugar skull is amazing as is the poinsettia card. My mother used to call them her Christmas flowers.. Your coloring skills are superb!. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  109. Christine Bickal says:

    Love the planners, just what I need a little organization to my sum what unorganized life.

  110. Man, those MAMBI planners look great!! Awesome for Christmas gifts!!! Can’t wait for the #blitsysleepover!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  111. I need a new planner…cannot wait for the sale! Love the markers too.

  112. gorgeous cards! I think the tombow sale is the one I will take advantage of!! thanks for the heads up!


  113. Love the card you displayed and I can’t wait for the sales!!!!!!

  114. I really want to try those erasable markers! (PS that poinsettia card is stunning!) Cheers!

  115. Melissa Kastner says:

    Love your marker projects! Thanks for the insider info!

  116. Need to get the Tombow markers.

  117. Lynne Ingram says:

    Beautiful projects, love those markers. Great sale and give aways. Happy Thanksgiving.

  118. September Whisenant says:

    Erasable pens, for sure! You can use them to “write” with your electronic cutter and if any mistakes are made, you just erase them!

  119. Michelle H. says:

    Wow those are incredible prices on the planners! Beautiful poinsettia! Have a very blessed Holiday Latrice! 🙂

  120. Bethany Stockman says:

    I guess it’s time for me to jump on the planner bandwagon and get one this weekend

  121. need the tombow markers!! thanks Latrice!!

  122. barb macaskill says:

    I have my eye on the Tombow Markers, Pilot Frixion pens and the Webster’s Pages Color Crush planners!!! Your poinsettia is stunning!!!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you at the Pajama Party!! Fingers crossed in hopes of scoring a pair of Golden Scissors!!!

  123. Joyce Gerard says:

    The Poinsettia is Awesome

  124. I love your projects using the Tombow markers! And your poinsettia is simply stunning.


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